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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world

Greek epitaph for a chief presbyter of a church of *Platon (martyr of Ankyra, S00650). Found at Tavium (Galatia, central Asia Minor). Probably late antique.

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Inscriptions - Funerary inscriptions

ἔνθα κατάκιτε
ὁ δοῦλος τοῦ θ(εο)ῦ
ὁ εὐσεβέσ-
τατος προ-
τοῦ ἁγίου
καὶ ἐνδό-
ξου μάρτυ-
ρος Πλάτον-

'Here lies Georgios, servant of God and most God-fearing chief presbyter (of the church) of the holy and glorious martyr Platon.'

Text and translation:
I. North Galatia, no. 427.

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Cult building - independent (church)

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Ecclesiastics - lesser clergy


A white marble stele, with a carving of a tabula ansata, a wreath, and a lozenge decoration. H. 0.8 m; W. 0.61 m; letter height 0.03 m. Found at Büyüknefes (area of ancient Tavium, Galatia, central Asia Minor).


The inscription is the epitaph for Georgios, a chief presbyter (protopresbyteros) that served in a sanctuary of Platon, a martyr of Ankyra, probably martyred under Diocletian, and brother of the martyr *Antiochos (see Synax. Eccl. Const. 18 XI). The sanctuary of Platon in nearby Ankyra was a renowned pilgrimage centre and a church was dedicated to the martyr in Constantinople under Justinian (see: Foss 1977, 52-53; Delehaye 1912, 186-187). However, Stephen Mitchell argues that our priest served in an otherwise unattested church of Platon at Tavium, the closest city to the find-spot. This is disputable, as Georgios could have been associated with the sanctuary at Ankyra and simply buried at his home village.

Dating: 5th c. or later (based on the contents and letter forms).


I. North Galatia, no. 427.

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New Evidence for the Historical Geography of Galatia (Unpublished Cambridge University PhD thesis: 1958), 196, no. 284.

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Further reading:
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The comments to
I. North Galatia, no. 237.

Reference works:
Bulletin épigraphique (1983), 438.

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