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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world

Greek inscription on a capital found at Doğu Çamlik on the island of Prokonnesos (Sea of Marmara) with a dedication to *Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033). Tentatively dated stylistically to the Theodosian period (late 4th - earlier 5th c.).

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Inscriptions - Inscribed architectural elements

Inscriptions - Formal inscriptions (stone, mosaic, etc.)

Θ(εο)τ(όκ)ῳ τοῦ [- - -]

'For (? the church of) the Theotokos of the [- - -]'

Text: Asgari, Drew-Bear 2002, no. 40.

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Cult building - unspecified
Cult building - independent (church)


Inscription cut on the abacus of an Ionic capital found at Doğu Çamlik on the island of Prokonnesos (the Sea of Marmara). Letters are painted red.

H. 0.2 m
W. 0.46 m


The capital comes from the quarry island of Prokonnesos, which was very active in the late-antique period. It has been supposed, rightly in our opinion, that the inscription is one of ownership - referring to the church for which the capital was carved. Proconnesian marble was exported in the fifth and sixth centuries all over the Mediterranean.

The style of decorations of the capital has been tentatively dated to the Theodosian period.


Asgari, N., Drew-Bear, Th., "The quarry inscriptions of Prokonnesos", in: J. Herrmann, N. Herz and R. Newman (eds.), ASMOSIA V. Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference of the Association for the Study of Marble and Other Stones in Antiquity, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, June 1998 (London: Archetype Publications, 2002), 1-18.

Reference works:
L'Année épigraphique (2002), 1378.

Chroniques d'épigraphie byzantine
, 247.

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum
53, 1396.

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Pawel Nowakowski

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