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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world

Greek graffito commemorating the consecration of a rock-cut church dedicated to *Nicholas (probably the bishop of Myra under Constantine, S00520), just possibly with a reference to the intercession of *Mary, Mother of Christ (S00033). Found at Strobilos (Caria, western Asia Minor). Probably 7th c.

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Inscriptions - Graffiti

+ ἐνκ(αί)ν(ια) τοῦ ἁ-
γυίου Νικωλ(άου)
μινὴ Μαΐ(ῳ)



1-2. ἁ|γυίου = ἁγίου || 3. μινὴ = μηνὶ || 4-6. πρ(εσβείαις) τ(ῆς) πανα[γ]ία(ς) πα(ρ)θ(ένου) (?) Grégoire

'+ The consecration (of the church) of Saint Nicholas (took place) in the month of May.'

Then follow random letters that according to Grégoire should be read:

'(It was completed) through the intercessions of the all-holy Virgin.'

IGC, no. 233(4).

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A graffito edited by Henri Grégoire from a drawing by Emil Szanto. Found on a wall in a rock-cut church at Strobilos, between Myndos and Halikarnassos (Henri Grégoire erroneously claimed that the inscription had been found in Termera. For correct identification of the find-spot see the comments in Halkin 1953a, p. 83, n. 6). Lines 1-3 are in a frame; lines 4-6 are scarcely legible. Most of the text seems to have been written by one hand.


The graffito commemorates the consecration of a church dedicated to Saint Nicholas, apparently *Nicholas of Myra, presumably the rock-cut church in which the inscription was found. The dedicatory formula is followed by an unintelligible sequence of letters, which Henri Grégoire interpreted as an invocation of the Virgin *Mary, but this is highly hypothetical.

Dating: probably 7th c. (based on the archaeological context).


Grégoire, H. (ed.), Recueil des inscriptions grecques chrétiennes d'Asie Mineure, vol. 1 (Paris: Leroux, 1922), no. 233(4).

Further reading:
Destephen, S., 'Quatre études sur le monachisme asianique (IVe-VIIe siècle)', Journal des savants (2010), 203.

Halkin, F., "Inscriptions grecques relatives à l'hagiographie, IX, Asie Mineure", Analecta Bollandiana 71 (1953), 83.

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