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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Ariston, martyr of Pontus

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Related Evidence Records
E01052The Depositio Martirum, a list of burials of martyrs (primarily of Rome), gives both the day of the year and the place of their burial; from the so-called Chronography of 354, compiled in Latin in Rome, c. 354.
E02993The Greek Life and Martyrdom of *Athenogenes (martyr of Pedachthoe, S00065) recounts the miracles and martyrdom of a bishop of the village of Pedachthoe (northern Asia Minor), reportedly based on an earlier document, reworked by a certain Anysios; it includes an account of several other martyrdoms. Written at Pedachthoe in the 4th/5th c. Overview entry
E02997The Greek Life and Martyrdom of *Athenogenes (martyr of Pedachthoe, S00065), of the 4th/5th c., mentions the martyrdom of *Ariston (S01390) under Diocletian at Sebasteia, pointing out that many confuse him with *Rheginos (S01389), a contemporary martyr who died and was buried at Neokaisareia/Neocaesarea, where his shrine (martyrion) survived at the time of writing; all in northern Asia Minor. Written in Pedachthoe (also northern Asia Minor).