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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Jacob (unspecified)

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E01637Greek inscription on a boundary stone of a church or monastery dedicated to a martyr 'Iacobos': either an otherwise unknown local martyr, or James ('brother of the Lord', S00058), or perhaps Jacob of Cyrrhestica, (monk of Syria, ob. c. 460s, S00378). Found at Umm al-Jurun near Androna (modern al-Andarin), to the east of Apamea on the Orontes (central Syria). 527/548.
E05971Coptic ostracon from the area of Hermonthis (Upper Egypt) with an excerpt from a calendar of saints’ feast days, such as those of *Jakob (S00858), *Arsenios and Loukios (ascetics of Syrian origin, and martyrs near Panopolis, S02600), *Theognosta (perhaps the mother of George, S01537), *Athanasios (possibly the bishop of Alexandria, ob. 373, S00294), *David (Old Testament king of Israel and Psalmist, S00269), *Daniel (possibly the disciple and biographer of Arsenios, S02379) *Zoilos (possibly the disciple of Arsenios, S02378) and *Anna (possibly the mother of Mary, S01614), *Maria (possibly Mary, mother of Christ, S00033) and *Sophia (perhaps the head of a convent in Edessa, ob. 363, S02381); datable to the 7th century.