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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Maximos the Confessor, monk, theologian and confessor, ob. 662

Saint ID


Number in BH

BHG 1231-1236
BHL 5841-5844

Reported Death Not Before


Reported Death Not After


Type of Saint
"Confessors", Ascetics/monks/nuns
Related Evidence Records
E02887The Church Calendar of Ioane Zosime, compiled in Georgian in the 10th century, based however on the 5th-7th c. prototype from Jerusalem, commemorates on 21 January the dedication of the Monastery of *Peter (the Apostle, S00036), *Timothy (the disciple of Paul the Apostle, S00466), *Makarios (probably Makarios 'the Egyptian', monastic founder in the Sketis, ob. 391, S00863), and *Maximos the Confessor (S01455).
E03831The Church Calendar of Ioane Zosime, compiled in Georgian in the 10th c., based however on 5th-7th c. prototypes from Palestine, prescribes on 13 August synaxis at the church of *Mary (Mother of Christ, S 00033), and commemorates *Aeglon (anchorite in Sketis, S01514) and *Maximos (the Confessor, ob. 662, S01455).
E08046The Chronicle of Theophanes Confessor contains multiple entries describing Pope *Martin I (bishop of Rome and confessor, ob. 655/6, S00859) and *Maximos the Confessor (monk, theologian, and confessor, ob. 662, S01455) as confessors and/or martyrs because of their persecution by the emperor Constans II. Chronicle compiled in the Byzantine Empire in the early 9th c., using extracts from earlier Greek texts