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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Secundus, martyr of Victimulae and Turin

Saint ID


Number in BH

BHL 7568

Reported Death Not Before


Reported Death Not After


Type of Saint
Martyrs, Soldiers
Related Evidence Records
E03249The Martyrdom of *Secundus (martyr of Victimulae and Turin, S02500) is written in Latin, presumably in Turin at an uncertain date. It narrates Secundus’ travel to Italy with a legion, his trial and death witnessed by the future martyr *Mauritius (commander of the Theban legion, S00339), who holds vigils at his body on the site of martyrdom in Victimulae; the theft of the body which is brought to Turin and buried next to the river Dora, where miracles abound. Additional account about visitors to the oratory of the Virgin *Mary (mother of Christ, S00033) in Turin taking dust and scraps from the tomb of Iuliana, who buried the saint *Solutor ad his companions (martyrs of Turin, S01116).