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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Daniel, stylite near Constantinople, ob. 493

Saint ID


Number in BH

BHG 489-490

Reported Death Not Before


Reported Death Not After


Type of Saint
Stylites/dendrites, Ascetics/monks/nuns
Related Evidence Records
E00566Greek epigram, probably by Kyros/Cyrus of Panopolis, from the pillar-shrine of *Daniel (stylite near Constantinople, ob. 493, S00342) at Anaplous (Constantinopolitan suburb on the Bosphorus), praising the virtue of the saint, whom it compares to *Symeon the Elder (stylite of Qal‘at Sim‘ān in Syria, ob. 459, S00343). Late 5th c.; recorded in the 10th c. Greek Anthology.
E03955The Church Calendar of Ioane Zosime, compiled in Georgian in the 10th c., based however on 5th-7th c. prototypes from Palestine, commemorates on 11 December *all Georgian martyrs (S01438), Romanios (unidentified figure), *Barbara (martyr of Nicomedia under Maximian, S01807), *Amphilochos (theologian and bishop of Iconium, ob. c. 400, S01805) and *Daniel (stylite near Constantinople, ob. 493, S00342).
E04560The Greek Life of *Daniel the Stylite (ob. 493, S00342) recounts the life and manifold miracles of an ascetic who, imitating *Symeon the Stylite (the Elder, ob. 459, S00343), lives on a pillar and founds a monastic community at Anaplous on the Bosphorus. The text mentions shrines of martyrs and prophets in Constantinople, the use of holy oil and images, and the transfer of relics of Symeon the Stylite and the *Three Hebrew Youths (of the Old Testament Book of Daniel, S01198) to Constantinople. Written in Constantinople, 493/518.
E06887A list of subscriptions, preserved in a letter sent to Pope Agapetus I from eastern clerics protesting the appointment of Anthimus as the patriarch of Constantinople, documents foundations dedicated to saints in various places, including Syria. Written in Latin in Constantinople in 535/536.