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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Blastus, martyr of Rome

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BHL 5543

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Related Evidence Records
E00634The Notitia ecclesiarum Urbis Romae, written in Latin in Rome c. 625/638, names the church of *Iohannes (martyr of Rome, S00514) on the via Salaria Vetus, north-east of Rome, and lists other martyrs also buried there.
E02093The Martyrdom of *Marius, Martha, Audifax and Abacuc of Persia (martyrs of the via Cornelia near Rome, S01163) and of *Valentinus (priest and martyr of Rome, S00433) is written in Latin probably in the diocese of Silva Candida near Rome, probably no later than the 6th c. Narrates how Marius and his family travel from Persia to Rome; their care for persecuted Christians and for the burial of martyrs, in particular *Blastus (martyr of Rome, S00476) in a crypt on the via Salaria, and *Cyrinus/Quirinus (martyr of Rome, S01551) in a crypt in the cemetery of Pontianus; the trial of the priest Valentinus and his conversion of the princeps *Asterius (martyr of Ostia, S01550) and all his household; the latter's arrest, martyrdom and burial at Ostia, where a church is built; Valentinus’ martyrdom and burial on the via Flaminia; the martyrdom of Marius and his family on the via Cornelia, and their burial. Miracles abound up to this day at the burial places of the martyrs.
E04854The 6th/7th c. recension of the Latin Martyrologium Hieronymianum records the feasts of a number of saints on 17 June.
E06788A Latin papyrus preserved in Monza (northern Italy) lists the 'oils of the holy martyrs who in body rest in Rome' brought from Rome for Theodelinda, queen of the Lombards, naming many Roman saints. Written at Monza or Rome between 590-604; preserved in its original copy.
E07069via Salaria vetus-Ravennana, Clivus Cucumeris