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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Valentinus, priest and martyr of Rome

Saint ID


Number in BH

BHL 5543/5543a, 8463-8466

Reported Death Not Before


Reported Death Not After


Type of Saint
Martyrs, Lesser clergy
Related Evidence Records
E00633The Notitia ecclesiarum Urbis Romae, written in Latin in Rome c. 625/638 names the basilica of *Valentinus (priest and martyr of Rome, S00433) on the via Flaminia, north of Rome, and mentions, but does not name, other martyrs' graves nearby.
E01629A short life of *Theodorus (bishop of Rome, 642-649, S00856), written in Latin in Rome, shortly after his death, as part of the Liber Pontificalis, mentions the transfer of the bodies of *Primus and Felicianus (martyrs of Rome, S00855) to the intramural church of *Stephen (the First Martyr, S00030), the building of a church of *Valentinus (priest and martyr of Rome, S00433), and oratories dedicated to *Sebastianus (martyr of Rome, S00400) and *Euplus (martyr of Catania, S00207). It also refers to a church of *Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033), the gate of St Paul (the Apostle 00008), and to Theodorus' burial at the church of *Peter (the Apostle, S00036) on 14 May.
E01698A short life of *Benedict II (bishop of Rome, ob. 685, S00887), written in Latin in Rome, shortly after his death, as part of the Liber Pontificalis, names his refurbishments at, and offerings to, the churches of *Peter (the Apostle, S0036), *Laurence (deacon and martyr of Rome, S00037), *Valentinus (martyr of Rome, S00443), and *Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033); names a feast of Valentinus and Benedict's burial at the church of *Peter (the Apostle, S00036) on 8 May, all in Rome.
E02093The Martyrdom of *Marius, Martha, Audifax and Abacuc of Persia (martyrs of the via Cornelia near Rome, S01163) and of *Valentinus (priest and martyr of Rome, S00433) is written in Latin probably in the diocese of Silva Candida near Rome, probably no later than the 6th c. Narrates how Marius and his family travel from Persia to Rome; their care for persecuted Christians and for the burial of martyrs, in particular *Blastus (martyr of Rome, S00476) in a crypt on the via Salaria, and *Cyrinus/Quirinus (martyr of Rome, S01551) in a crypt in the cemetery of Pontianus; the trial of the priest Valentinus and his conversion of the princeps *Asterius (martyr of Ostia, S01550) and all his household; the latter's arrest, martyrdom and burial at Ostia, where a church is built; Valentinus’ martyrdom and burial on the via Flaminia; the martyrdom of Marius and his family on the via Cornelia, and their burial. Miracles abound up to this day at the burial places of the martyrs.
E02493The Martyrdom of *Euticius (priest and martyr of Ferento, S01228) is written in Latin at an uncertain date, perhaps in the 9th c. It narrates Euticius’ celebration of liturgy at the tomb of the martyrs *Gratilianus and Felicissima (martyrs of Faleri, S01477), his arrest, tortures endured, death, and his burial by the bishop Dionysius in a crypt fifteen miles outside Ferento, where later, according to an appendix, a church with a miraculous spring is built.
E02517The Martyrdom of *Valentinus (bishop and martyr of Terni, S00434; see as well, martyr of Rome, S00433) is written in Latin, perhaps in Terni, central Italy, at an uncertain date, by the early 8th c. at the latest. It narrates the bishop of Terni, Valentinus’ healing of the son of an orator called Crato in Rome, the conversion of Crato and all his household, together with his Greek students *Proculus, Ephebus and Apollonius (martyrs of Terni, 001549); Valentinus’ arrest, beating and beheading; his burial near Terni in a tomb provided by Proculus, Ephebus and Apollonius; their arrest, beheading and burial next to Valentinus.
E05525Bede, in his Martyrology, records the feast on 14 February at Rome of *Valentinus (priest and martyr of Rome, S00433). Written in Latin at Wearmouth-Jarrow (north-east Britain), 725/731.
E05852The Calendar of Willibrord, in its earliest version, records the feasts of various saints in February. Written in Latin at Echternach, Frisia (north-east Gaul), 703/710.
E06992The text De Locis Sanctis lists burial places of saints by the via Appia outside the city of Rome; written in Latin, in Rome between 635-45 AD.
E07000The text De Locis Sanctis mentions the church of saint 'Valentinus, priest and martyr of Rome, by the via (Ravennana-) Flaminia outside the city of Rome; written in Latin, in Rome between 635-45 AD.
E07208Three fragments of a Latin inscription probably commemorating *Valentinus (priest and martyr of Rome, $S00433) composed by Pope Damasus. Found in the Cemetery of S. Valentinus. Via Flaminia, Rome. 366-384.