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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Alexandros, bishop of Alexandria, ob. 326/328

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E01208Greek inscription on a sarcophagus with an epitaph, probably for a bishop (unnamed) who preached on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, considered by the locals as a successful intercessor. Found near Laphiona (Lesbos, the Aegean Islands). Probably 4th-5th c.
E02166Greek order for the transport of lentils by boat into the Fayum (Lower Egypt), mentioning an institution dedicated to *Alexandros (perhaps Alexandros, bishop of Alexandria, ob. 326/328, S00733); dated 7 December 608.
E02884The Church Calendar of Ioane Zosime, compiled in Georgian in the 10th century, based however on a 5th-7th c. prototype from Jerusalem, commemorates on 18 January the consecration of the Monastery of Choziba of *Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033), the bishops of Alexandria, *Alexander (ob. 326/328,S00294), *Athanasios (ob. 374, S00294), and *Kyrillos/Cyril (ob. 444, S00733), and *Paul of Thebes (the first anchorite, S01349).
E06234The Greek Martyrdom of *Petros (bishop and martyr of Alexandria, S00247) recounts the protagonist's last days, his martyrdom and the tumult surrounding his burial in a western suburb of Alexandria. The story also features his successor *Alexandros (bishop of Alexandria, ob. 326/328, S00733) and mentions the four martyred Egyptian bishops commemorated by Eusebius of Caesarea: *Phileas (bishop of Thmuis, martyr of Alexandria, S00125), *Hesychios (S00248), *Pachomios (Pachymios, S00156) and *Theodoros (S02704), as well as several of the preceding archbishops of Alexandria. It also provides details about the martyrium and tomb of *Mark the Evangelist (S00293) in the quarter of Alexandria called ta Boukolou. Written in Alexandria, probably in the 5th century, possibly with later additions by the early 7th century.
E06565Aldhelm, in his prose On Virginity, names *Athanasius (bishop of Alexandria, ob. 373, S00294), who was taught by *Alexandros (bishop of Alexandria, ob. 326/28, S00733), as an exemplary virgin. Written in Latin in southern Britain, for the nuns at the monastery at Barking (south-east Britain), c. 675/686.