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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world

Greek fiscal codex from Aphrodito (Upper Egypt), mentioning payments from various 'places' (topoi) dedicated to saints, such as a topos of *Enoch, *Mary, *Viktor, *Phoibammon, and *Papnouthios, as well a district or institution named after *Pinoution (S01613); dated 18 June 706.

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Documentary texts - Fiscal document

Late antique original manuscripts - Papyrus codex

P.Lond 4 1420

Line 2 mentions payments by two men from a district or institution dedicated to saint Pinoution:

δ(ιὰ) Θεοδώρ\ου/ (καὶ) Φοιβ(άμμωνος) Βίκτ(ωρος) ἀπὸ Ἁγί\ου/ Πινου(τίωνος)

Line 19 and 117 mention payments for the part of the topos of saint Viktor:

μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Βίκ(τωρος)

Line 31 mentions payments for the part of the topos of Mary:

μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί(ας) Μαρί(ας)

Line 35 likewise mentions payments for the part of the topos of Mary

μέρ(ους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί(ας) Μαρία(ς)

Line 47 mentions payments made for the part of the topos of saint Pinoution through a presbyter:

δ(ιὰ) Ἀπολλῶ Κολλούθ(ου) πρε(σβυτέρου) (ὑπὲρ) μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Πινου̣[τ]ί[ων]ο(ς)

Line 53 mentions payments for the part of the topos of saint Phoibammon:

(ὑπὲρ) μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Φοιβ(άμμωνος)

Likewise does line 95:

(ὑπὲρ) μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) [Ἁγίου] Φοιβ(άμμωνος)

And also line 226:

μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Φοιβ(άμμωνος)

Line 66 mentions payments for the part of the topos of saint Enoch:

μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Ἐνὼχ

Likewise does Line 108:

πρε(σβυτέρου) (ὑπὲρ) μέ(ρους) τόπ̣(ου) [Ἁγ]ί\ου/ Ἐνὼχ

Line 80 mentions payments for the part of the topos of saint Pinoution:

(ὑπὲρ) μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Πινουτίω[νος

Line 204 and 243 mentions payments for the part of the topos of saint Papnouthios:

[δ(ιὰ)] τ̣(ῶν) κλ(ηρονόμων) Ἁγί\ου/ Παπνουθ(ίου) (ὑπὲρ) μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἀββ(ᾶ) Παπνουθ(ίου)

Likewise does line 243:

μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Παπνουθ(ίου)

Line 119 mentions a topos of a saint whose name is now lost:

(ὑπὲρ) μέ(ρους) τόπ(ου) Ἁγί\ου/ Ψο̣[  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣

For a complete record of the document see:;4;1420

Cult Places

Cult building - monastic
Cult building - unspecified

Places Named after Saint

Towns, villages, districts and fortresses


The papyrus document Pap 1441 is housed at the British Library in London.


Bell, H.I., and Crum, W.E, Greek Papyri in the British Museum. London IV: The Aphrodito Papyri (London, 1910).

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Gesa Schenke

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