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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world


Eleutherius, martyr of Rome, and his mother Antia

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Number in BH

BHL 2450-2452, BHG 568-570d

Reported Death Not Before


Reported Death Not After


Type of Saint
Martyrs, Bishops , Mothers and fathers
Related Evidence Records
E01316The Liber Pontificalis, written in Latin in Rome in the 530s, and re-edited before 546, in its account of *Gelasius (bishop of Rome, ob. 496, S00789), recounts his burning of heretical books before the doors of the basilica of *Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033) in Rome; his dedication of a basilica of *Euphemia (martyr of Chalcedon, S00017) in Tibur/Tivoli, and basilicas of *Eleutherius (martyr of Rome, S01661), *Nicander (saint of Rome, S00788), and *Andreas (probably Andrew the Apostle, S00288) on the via Labicana, outside Rome; his building of a basilica of *Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033) on the via Laurentina; and his burial in the basilica of *Peter (the Apostle, S00036) on 21 November [AD 496]. A later interpolation records the discovery of the sanctuary of the Archangel *Michael (S00181) on Monte Gargano (southern Italy).
E03220The Latin Martyrdom of *Eleutherius and his mother Antia (martyrs of Rome, S01661) is written in closely related variant versions, the earliest by the 8th c. at the latest. It narrates Eleutherius’ education in Rome and consecration as bishop, the miracles and conversions triggered, his arrest, the tortures he endured, and his martyrdom in Rome together with his mother. One version narrates that after their death their bodies are buried just outside Rieti (civitas Reatina) and a church is built on the site where miracles happen. Another version tells of the translation of relics from Rome to the city of Aecae in Apulia (modern Troia in southern Italy), where Eleutherius was bishop. Variant versions translated and adapted from a Greek text.
E03464The early seventh-century Georgian version of the Lectionary of Jerusalem commemorates on 17 December *Eleutherios (martyr in Rome, S01661).
E03959The Church Calendar of Ioane Zosime, compiled in Georgian in the 10th c., based however on 5th-7th c. prototypes from Palestine, commemorates on 15 December the dedication of the church of *John the Baptist (S00020), *Eleutherios (martyr of Rome, S01661), *Ananias, Azarias and Misael (Old Testament martyrs, S01198), and bishop 'Nisthereon' (unidentified figure, name probably garbled).
E04580Gregory the Great, in his Dialogues (4.13), describes a deathbed vision, experienced by Probus, the bishop of Rieti (central Italy) of *Iuvenalis (bishop and martyr or confessor of Narni, S00815) and *Eleutherius (martyr of Rome, S01661). Written in Latin in Rome, c. 593.
E06761The Greek Martyrdom of *Eleutherios and his mother Antia (martyrs of Rome, S01661). Skeleton entry
E06910Pope Gelasius I, in a letter of 492/496, mentions a church dedicated to the martyr *Eleutherius (martyr of Rome, S01661) in Histonium (modern Vasto, central Italy). Written in Latin in Rome.