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The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity

from its origins to circa AD 700, across the entire Christian world



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Type of Saint
Related Evidence Records
E01252Coptic funerary inscription, probably from Bawit, with a long invocation to a large number of saints including the Archangels *Michael (S00181) and *Gabriel (S00192),*Mary (Mother of Christ, S00033), the Apostles (S00084), the martyrs *Viktor (son of Romanos, S00749), *Phoibammon (soldier and martyr of Assiut, S00080), *George (soldier and martyr, S00259), and *Menas (soldier and martyr of Abu Mena, S00073), and *Pamoun (S00775), as well as a long list of monastic figures that includes Apa *Apollo (founder of the monastery at Bawit, 4th century, S00160), Apa *Anoup, and Apa *Phib (S00774), of unknown date, presumably 6th/9th century and most likely from Bawit (Middle Egypt).
E01265Fragment of a Greek Martyrdom of *Pamoun (S00775) from Oxyrhynchos (Middle Egypt), datable to the 6th/7th century.
E01266Coptic fragment of the Martyrdom of the monk *Pamoun (S00775) and his brother *Sarmata (S00776), set in Alexandria, from Achmim/Panopolis (Upper Egypt), manuscript datable to the 8th/9th century, composed most likely during the 5th–7th century.
E03576Coptic fragment of the Martyrdom of *Thekla (virgin and martyr of Egypt, S00777), daughter of Kyros, from Assiut (Upper Egypt), mentioning Apa *Pamoun (S00775 or S00776) and Apa *Klaudios (S01470) invoking God, Christ, all the saints, and the archangels at the trial under the governor Arianos, possibly at Antinoopolis (Middle Egypt); written most likely in the 6th/7th century.
E05465Coptic inscription from Wadi Sarga (Upper Egypt), with an invocation of *Moses (Old Testament prophet and lawgiver, S00241), *Enoch (Old Testament patriarch, S00762), Apa *Jeremia (S00773), Apa *Papohe (S02066), Apa *Apollo (S00774), Apa *Anoup (S00774), Apa *Pshoi (S01245), Apa *Pamoun (S00775); datable to the 7th/8th century.